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Now more than ever, employers are looking for fast, reliable advice and counsel. With daily announcements related to COVID-19, understanding how to move your company forward and what to communicate to your workforce are challenges employers are constantly facing. Littler onDemand taps the collective knowledge of our 1,500+ attorneys around the world, including more than 150 attorneys on Littler’s COVID-19 Task Force, and combines it with our proprietary technology to provide quick, reliable answers you need urgently. It’s easy to get started – contact Littler onDemand Counsel today.

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Managing a workforce today means grappling with a relentless stream of thorny employment questions, novel issues and risky scenarios. With limited resources to address every workplace issue that arises, in-house counsel and HR managers need an efficient, reliable source of practical advice and counsel. They need answers that recognize and draw on their companies’ past experiences, account for developments in the law and reflect experience across multiple organizations and industries.

They need Littler onDemand.

Littler onDemand® is a technology-based platform that provides answers to workplace legal questions and critical data analytics. It features:

  • onDemand Access. Clients submit queries through our online intake form or through a Littler onDemand Counsel and hear back promptly with either a substantive response or confirmation of the estimated response time.
  • Experienced & Authoritative Counsel. Client-dedicated teams include access to Littler onDemand Counsel – experienced employment law practitioners who average 15 years of legal experience and who are on call to answer common workplace questions.
  • In-Depth Knowledge. To address more complex questions, Littler onDemand provides access to attorneys with subject matter knowledge in particular areas of law or jurisdictions.
  • Knowledge Bank. The online platform provides a knowledge bank of previous responses, which not only reduces time spent on duplicative queries, but also creates institutional knowledge that can be accessed 24/7 and that remains with the company in perpetuity.
  • Data-Driven Insights. Through the tool’s data analytics capabilities, clients receive insight into which issues and problems are recurring most often in their companies and the legal issues they present – allowing assistance, training and other resources to be directed toward troublesome hot spots.
  • Tracking & Reporting KPIs. A customized app houses all of a client’s inquiries, displays key performance indicators and produces insightful visual reports.

Our clients rely on us to leverage Littler’s ingenuity, resources, global reach and scale in ways that benefit their businesses. By creating a platform that provides fast and easy access to advice and counsel, while delivering data-driven insights on business issues, we are bringing a new level of agility and value to the law firm-client relationship.

“Our deep knowledge of employment law, history of ingenuity and vast data capabilities give us an unparalleled ability to develop solutions that address our clients’ toughest challenges. Littler onDemand enhances our approach to advice and counsel and provides a data-driven tool for uncovering strategic insights that help our clients create value for their organizations.”
– Scott Forman, Shareholder and Founder of Littler onDemand

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